How to Make Kids Vacation Journal as a Fun Kids Project

Kids certainly enjoy their vacation and after the vacation is over, they’re still excited to talk about it.  Why don’t we encourage older kids to make kids vacation journal so it will create everlasting memory not only for kids but for the whole family?  Prepare kids travel journal before your family go for your holiday. I find printable kids vacation journal that you can print them on plain or light color paper. Your kids can bring them along during their holiday. Travel journal for kids doesn’t have to be dull; kids can make some drawings, include favorite small objects or mementos or paste the photos/postcards of their vacation. This is going to be a fun kids project that they will learn during their holiday.

I highlight some benefits of kids travel journal as learning resources for kids:

  • Children learn about creative writing. Writing skill is important as part of communication skills and how kids express themselves through writing.
  • Children preserve their vacation memory in the journal which they can look back again.
  • Children learn about mementos such as brochures, tickets, token or small objects that they collect during their vacation and appreciate them.

Shortly after your kids return from holiday, they can staple their kids travel journal together, complete them with photos  or postcards and include the cover.  They can decorate the cover, put the holiday destination and the date. Here is what my eldest kid shared her kids vacation journal from last year.  This was her fun kids school project.  Fun Kids School Project is certainly learning resources that give benefits for kids.  For this year school holiday, she is still working on her new journal. It’s going to be staycation journal.  She will use printable kids vacation journal but make them simpler. I think the section “My thoughts and feeling about today”  throughout the journal is very good.  Children learn to express their inner feeling in writing apart from writing the facts of what they see during their holiday.