Is Blogger A Bad Word?

You may have heard about the Blogger, Journalist debate? The debate is not something new. There is a fine line between blogging and journalism, and sometimes, that line doesn’t exist at all. My partner and I were having this debate just the other day. Is a blogger a journalist?

Yes. SOME bloggers are journalists.

Those kinds of bloggers are the best bloggers. Here is what we’ve decided sets apart the best from the rest.

1. Research

Bloggers who do their research have much more of an impact rather than opinion based bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of both is good. But when a blogger takes the time to do their research, you sure can tell.

2. Just the facts ma’am

That’s right. The best bloggers hit you hard with facts. They’ve done their research and they know the whole story. They relay it to their readers in a way that is easy to understand but still gets the point across.

3. Opinion is transparent

Most of us blog based on our own opinion of things, which is great. However when we have that transparency and put it out there right away that it is, in fact, our opinion the better off we are. Sometimes facts and opinion can get blurred so the more defined these lines are the better.

There really shouldn’t be a blogger/journalist debate. The truth is, we are as good as we want to be. If you want to be a great blogger you will be. What else sets the good apart from the bad when it comes to blogging?