What’s Your Eating Lifestyle, Fast Food vs Slow Food?

In this fast-paced world, it is undeniable that people will have less time to cook and often resort to fast food  over slow food. Let’s take a look what is fast food and slow food.

Slow Food comes from the nature and rich in nutrition. The food will take time in preparation and cooking. It often refers to home-made meals.

Fast Food comes from processed food, manufactured by the industry. The manufacturing process often destroys the nutrition of the food. In addition, the food has high in fats, sugar and salt and may contain preservatives and additives. The fast food comes in dry or frozen form packed in disposable packaging. The processed food is then distributed to supermarket or fast-food restaurants. The fast food doesn’t need preparation and is quick-cooking.

When we eat slow food, we often share the meals together in a family or a group of people. Thus, we don’t eat them in a hurry. Slow eating is good for digestion.

Contrary to slow food, fast food restaurants serve the food quickly. People don’t have to wait long for the meals. You can have them for take-away as well. People find the fast food tastier and people tend to overeat with the supersize value package.

There is a growing market of processed food or instant food which eliminates food preparation.  We are not talking about sausages, burgers or frozen fried chicken but also dry instant noodles. When it comes to food resources, moms can’t avoid  instant food or fast food. But, we shall eat this food sparingly and eat more fresh healthy food. When you eat at the restaurant, choose the one that serves slow food instead of fast food restaurant.

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