5 Effective Self-Help Tips for Kids to Reinforce Self-Belief

If a child has a self-belief, he will succeed in his study and his social life. There is a case of a student who studied hard but couldn’t manage her negative feeling, a fear of failure. Even how hard he studied, he would forget everything on the day of the test.

Here are 5 effective self-help tips for kids to reinforce their self-belief:

Help your child in their study. Even if your child takes a tuition, it doesn’t mean that the responsibility for coaching him is on tuition teachers. You need to monitor his progress as well in their study.

Pat them on their back. Loving touch or hug make them more secure and loved. Give them words of encouragement if they need one. Praise them if they do well.

Get to know if your child socializes well at school. If you find that your child become a bully victim, you must overcome this problem first. When the child is bullied for a long time, he will have a low self-esteem.
Encourage your child to do his best but don’t set target. If your child can’t achieve the target, both of you will be disappointed. Don’t use threats and rewards to push the child’s achievements. Threat will intrigue a fear. As for rewards, he will get used to them: no reward, no result. He will ask about the rewards before he do or achieve something.

Show them positive words, positive images and invite them to listen to motivational audios or videos. You can hang some positive images with words in their room or around your house to give a positive energy for you and your family.

I also like to share my experience dealing with my child’s negative feeling when she was about to go to primary school.

From a kindergarten to a primary school is a big step. Kids are expected to be independent and responsible for their belonging. Teachers are no longer caring and there are more pupils in a class. My eldest was afraid to go to primary school on the first day. She said she didn’t want to learn difficult things, she wanted to learn easy one. I said it was okay to feel afraid. Everyone needed to move forward in life. We talked about her feeling, what made her afraid, what she should do at school. We took a look at Self Help Books for Kids by Joy Berry; Let’s talk about feeling afraid and feeling shy. When she knew the real situation in the book, it would make her less afraid.