Exhibition of Quilts: Harriet Tubman & The Underground Rail Road

Harriet Tubman is an icon of courage & freedom. Her story tells of an African American Slave who escaped to freedom during turbulent times in the Mid-19th century on the East Coast of the United States of America. Despite being in constant danger, Harriet returned to her home town 19 times to rescue family and … Read more

Is Blogger A Bad Word?

You may have heard about the Blogger, Journalist debate? The debate is not something new. There is a fine line between blogging and journalism, and sometimes, that line doesn’t exist at all. My partner and I were having this debate just the other day. Is a blogger a journalist? Yes. SOME bloggers are journalists. Those … Read more

Guest Blogging: Rise From The Ashes

There has been a lot of talk lately about the death of guest blogging. So my question to you is, has guest blogging has become a dirty word? Not in the swear word type of dirty, but in the mud type of dirty. For many, the trend is to call guest blogging spam. I beg … Read more

How to Make Kids Vacation Journal as a Fun Kids Project

Kids certainly enjoy their vacation and after the vacation is over, they’re still excited to talk about it.  Why don’t we encourage older kids to make kids vacation journal so it will create everlasting memory not only for kids but for the whole family?  Prepare kids travel journal before your family go for your holiday. … Read more