The Island

Saw The Island recently, and overall it’s a pretty darn good movie. Ewan McGregor does an excellent job, as always, along with Scarlett Johansson (who I’ve liked ever since Ghost World.) Steve Buscemi plays, well, pretty much the same role he plays in every film he’s in. Also noteworthy was a brief appearance by Michael … Read more

Help Your Kids to Achieve Their Little Goal

How do we motivate our kids to work hard and do their best? The answer is through goal setting for kids. From a baby to a preschooler, there are milestones in physical and mental development. It is nothing wrong to stimulate your baby or toddler to reach a certain development as long as you don’t … Read more

DIY Easter Table Decoration Ideas

From quick and easy to elaborate, DIY Easter table decorations can really set the mood and make a beautiful table. Here are some ideas for dressing up DIY Easter table decor.  Color Block Eggs This is one of those simple ideas that you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of before! This table decoration is versatile … Read more

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

The traditional Easter egg hunt is enjoyable, but generally it needs a fresh idea! Organizing a hunt  is also a key. Here are some Easter egg hunt ideas and tips. Choose the Proper Spot There are some things to consider as you select the spot in your egg hunt. First, consider the proximity of the … Read more

How to Plan Mother’s Day Treats

Generally, the present that Mothers will appreciate the most is getting out of the home and doing something enjoyable! What’s thought-about “enjoyable” will certainly be different from mom to mom; however listed below are some treats to get you fascinated with what would work for your mom. Following are some suggestions and ideas on  how … Read more