Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

The traditional Easter egg hunt is enjoyable, but generally it needs a fresh idea! Organizing a hunt  is also a key. Here are some Easter egg hunt ideas and tips.

Choose the Proper Spot

There are some things to consider as you select the spot in your egg hunt. First, consider the proximity of the place to the street – excited children often forget where they are and what they’re doing. So ensure that the hunt space is far enough away from traffic or separated from the street by a fence. Next, choose hiding places. A big open field is enjoyable, however it isn’t terribly challenging. Perhaps a park with wood and different interesting nooks and crannies would work. Sunny places are wonderful, but do not forget that sunshine heats up the inside of a plastic egg pretty fast. Except you want a whole lot of melted chocolate on arms, faces, and garments, put eggs containing chocolate within the shade or, alternatively, put “coupons” in the eggs that youngsters can trade for chocolate candy.

Plastic, not Boiled

Go for plastic eggs in your hunt. For one thing, it is lots easier than boiling and dyeing dozens of eggs; for one more, plastic eggs will be crammed with goodies and, when empty, re-used. Simply ensure you keep count of how many eggs you set out, in order that you know if there are still some eggs that should be found.

Invite Everybody

Youngsters, especially very younger children, have a hard time understanding the concept of winning and losing. If you wish to hold issues peaceful, just put variations of the same thing in every egg. You might have a number of “particular” eggs, perhaps one with a rolled-up dollar inside, or further candy. Think about keeping a couple of eggs apart so that a very young child or a toddler who couldn’t discover any can have a “consolation prize.”

Think Beyond Candy

Parents are pretty health conscious these days. You might take into account filling the eggs with something besides sweet, like small toys (at all times be aware of choking hazards), balloons, marbles, polished rocks, and coins. Attempt to be gender-impartial, or differentiate boys’ and girls’ eggs by colors.

Keep Count of Guests

Nothing spoils an egg hunt like not having sufficient to go around! Make sure you invite only a certain number of participants, and plan accordingly. It’s a good idea to have extras on hand, too, simply in case – eggs can get damaged or lost.