Help Your Kids to Achieve Their Little Goal

How do we motivate our kids to work hard and do their best? The answer is through goal setting for kids. From a baby to a preschooler, there are milestones in physical and mental development. It is nothing wrong to stimulate your baby or toddler to reach a certain development as long as you don’t set his progress as your goal. Parents will shift their focus on Kids’ Academic Performance once the child starts a primary school. If your child gets a D mark for Math, don’t scold him and set A mark as a target instantly. Let’s work together with your child for a goal setting and start with C mark as a goal for an instance. Do remember to set the goal to be achievable for a child. If the child can accomplish C mark, set a higher goal for B mark. Often, eagerly parents set their goal as their kids’ goal. Please do remember that goal setting for kids is more than just academic success, it can be your child’s interest. If your child is interested in soccer or ballet, you may support his/her interest by enrolling him/her in soccer club or ballet course. This kind of support gives the child a satisfaction and self-esteem and it may have a good impact on his study.

I have young kids, the goal setting for young kids can be a simple task, their interest, life skill or academic skill that they need to accomplish. For example: learn to read is a long term goal that my child has been working for 2 years. I also helped my kids to ride a bicycle. I could see their pride once they managed to ride a bicycle. The goal setting for young kids can be a simple game such as how to assemble 100 pieces of jigsaw puzzles.

Encourage your kids to think about their goals by asking questions such as:

“What do you like to do?”

“What kinds of activities or sports are you interested in?”

“Would you work on Math and English to score better marks for the next term?”

Do remember that it is your child’s goal and not your goal.  Help your child to figure out how it is going to work, the strategy to apply and what kind of resources to use for the kids.

Goal setting brings benefits for kids and they learn two important lessons:

Problem Solving. Kids learn to overcome challenges, how to work out the problem and become more skilled to find the solution.

Emotion Control. Kids will experience ups and downs, obstacles and failures along the way. You can introduce the law of attraction for kids; direct them to focus on positive thoughts and what they want in life.  Kids will find a satisfaction after the goal is achieved. When a small goal setting is accomplished, the kids will have courage to move to a bigger goal setting.

As kids become more familiar with goal setting, they will grow up with more complex goal setting. They will not be afraid with challenges and turn them into a goal instead.  Encourage older kids to write down Goal Card, Things I Want to Achieve and they can make a New Year resolution with Yearly Goal Card in short, medium or long term goal. They can stick the goal card on the board in his room. If they like to keep their goals secretly from friends or siblings, they can create a magic box to keep the goal card. You can download the complimentary self-help resources for kids, free kids e-books  Raising Happy Kids.