Holiday Gift for Kids – 6 Tips for Choosing Toys for Kids

Toys are the top choice of Holiday Gift for kids. I must say that parents shall take kids interest when they choose toys for them. But don’t always grant what the kids wish for. Try to introduce them with different kinds of toys and show them how to play so they will have interest in it. Toys are great learning resources for kids. Remember that learning doesn’t always come from the textbook and learning through play brings so much fun for kids.

Here are 6 tips for choosing toys for your kids if you plan to give Holiday gift for your kids:

  1. Read the safety label. Look for toys that confirm with International safety standard, look for CE code or ASTM.
  2. Age appropriate. Look for the age range. If your child age is 4, don’t buy a toy at the high end range, toy for age range 2-4. Your child will get bored easily if it is too easy for him.  If you buy a toy at the high start range, toys for age range 4-6, he may need your help. The toy may be too difficult for him and he will be upset to figure out how to play with it.
  3. If you buy a toy with sound or light, make sure that sound isn’t too noisy or the light isn’t too bright. Kids will probably bring the toy close to their ear or eyes. I prefer classic toys more than electronic toys.
  4. There’s a trend that parents buy toys with kids pop culture icon such as Barbie, Sesame Street and so on. Be careful that your child will refuse other toys and  he will end up with a huge collection of similar toys.
  5. Introduce variety. Look for the benefits and the purpose for play when you buy the toy.
  6. Don’t shower with too many toys at one time. Let your child explore, play and learn from one toy.

I’m sharing tips for choosing toys for kids because I have kids and I’m selling toys online through kidspuzzle. I introduce a variety of toys to my kids so they can experience all kinds of play and benefit from toys. I view toys as learning resources and perfect Holiday gift for Kids during Christmas and Holiday Season.