The Importance of Play for Children as Learning Resources for Kids

Toys are fun and bring magic to your kids. It’s true. Let’s take a look at the importance of play for children and benefits of toys in different kinds of play as learning resources for kids.

Toys for active or outdoor play. The toys give benefits for child’s physical development or large motor skill. Choose toys that develop coordination, balance and build strong arms and legs. Ride-on toys, sports equipment and large playground toys such as swings, slides, and tunnels are toys for active play. You can just go to playground with your child and let him play actively.

Toys for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill. Lacing, puzzles, building blocks are examples of toys that will prepare your kids for their pre-writing skills.

Learning toys. Learning toys are often called as educational toys. Educational puzzles, educational wooden toys, flash cards, board games boost kids in reading and math skills.  There’re also brain teaser toys to develop child’s problem solving skills.

Toys for Imagination and Creative Play. Pretend Play or Role Play is to expand children imagination and develop communication skills. Doll house, building blocks, wooden train set, tea party, costumes are toys for pretend play or role play that encourage imagination and creativity. Kids like pretend play. Sometimes they pretend to play in real life situations such as in the restaurant, hospital, airport or they pretend to play as a princess or super hero. When there are a group of kids play together, it will enhance communication skills and teamwork.

Toys for comfort. I often view plush toys or dolls as children best friends. They will provide comfort and as a companion for bedtime. If your child has no sibling, she will see her plush toy or doll as her friend. Don’t buy too many plush toys as child is usually attracted to one or two only.

Arts and Craft Supplies. Arts and Crafts are categorized as toys. They will develop creativity and fine motor skills in children. Nowadays, it is so easy to make crafts as there are ready made package so parents don’t need to provide the materials from the scratch.

Books. Books for young kids are categorized as toys. There’re electronic books for children to learn to read and touch and feel fabric books.

Kids who play are happy kids. The importance of play for children is to develop their potential and as learning resources for kids.