The Timeless Beauty Of Roses

October is the month that reminds us why we love roses. That there are all the time new roses to be discovered.

Roses could seem timeless, however they are also probably the most adaptable of garden plants. The brand new era of roses are all the time able to flower yet don’t want pampering.

With roses at their greatest in October, it is an effective time so as to add new roses to the backyard or select your very first rose. When selecting a rose go for one that speaks to your coronary heart, whether it’s the colour, the fragrance or the form.

Bear in mind that roses love lots of solar so select one that may showcase within the sunniest a part of your garden or could be grown in a container that will get plenty of morning solar.

In addition to long-time favourites like ‘Just Joey’, ‘Garden Queen’, ‘Iceberg’ and ‘My Granny’, new varieties are launched each year, with improved disease resistance, better flowering or better resilience to the vagaries of climate change.

What’s new for 2021

‘Pretty Yende’ (LUDkrilba(P)

Pretty Yende is a world-renowned soprano opera singer who was born and bred in South Africa. What better tribute than to name a rose after her. The rose ‘Pretty Yende’ can also be a highly effective performer with classically elegant blooms in gentle apricot and lemon shades, exuding a delicate perfume. This South African bred rose by Ludwig Taschner is a robust rising hybrid tea rose with glossy inexperienced illness-resistant leaves. The lengthy lasting blooms don’t fade in the solar, making this an excellent garden and choosing rose for the home. Shirley Wallington is a legendary panorama designer who loves roses. Has designed many spectacular rose gardens. She has a special fondness for mushy pink roses, so it was love at first sight when she saw this rose at Ludwig’s Rose farm. The formal, antique formed blooms are strongly scented and are borne in clusters on a powerfully rising Panarosa. It is disease resistant and will probably be a gem in any backyard, especially when educated up a trellis or over an arch.

Blooms for Joy (KORblofojo (P)

Simply because the title suggests, this rose merely blooms for joy! The shallow cupped, magenta pink blooms proudly cowl the whole bush. They have a robust fragrance. This tall growing sturdy floribunda flowers non-stop over its long rising season. The large glossy inexperienced big leaves are impervious to fungus disease.

Willie Wonka

The chocolate brown-undertones of this most unusually colored rose, inspired its name. Willie Wonka was the eccentric proprietor of the chocolate manufacturing unit in Roald Dahl’s famous children’s ebook, Charlie and the Chocolate Manufacturing unit. The blooms change colour from bud to open bloom, with the petals turning from golden-brown within the centre to pinkish-mauve with darker swirls as they age. They’re carried in clusters on a strong, arching shrub 1.8m excessive. It is disease resistant.

Andani Amandaline (LUDbutterthread(P)

‘Adani Amandaline’ produces large, intensely perfumed blooms that arch gracefully throughout this statuesque shrub rose, which grows as much as 2m excessive and large. The cup-shaped white blooms deepen to a delicate pink within the centre. The massive, green leaves give this rose a lush look and are naturally resistant to black spot fungal disease. Use it as a freestanding feature or plant a number of specimens as a dense hedge on borders and fences. The bonus is a continuous provide of blooms for the house and pals.

‘Antoinette Louise’ (LUDsamougrid)

This perfect purple rose is devoted to a spouse and mother. The shapely, massive blooms of an unfading, true purple color are carried on sturdy stems on a medium excessive, densely leafed hybrid-tea rose bush. It is an ideal selection for planting in groups, as a low hedge and may be very pleasing to look at when grown in a large container.

Look out for the ladybird!

In the Ludwig’s Rose catalogue, disease resistant Eco Chic roses are marked with a ladybird. Because of this they’ve a natural resistance to fungus diseases, so there’s no have to spray.

Download the 2021 -2022 digital rose catalogue at

Ludwig Taschner’s suggestions for low upkeep roses

– Earlier than planting, enrich regular backyard soil with compost and dig down to a depth of 60cm.
– Like all backyard plants, roses require common watering. Make life easier with an irrigation system that delivers 10 litres of water a week in summer season to bush roses, more for shrubs and climbers.
– Fertilise once a month with a rose fertiliser, like Vigorosa, and water well afterwards.