Exactly How To Stop Toddler Hitting – The Simple & Easy Way!

The striking and kid aggression appeared ahead out of no place. Initially it was the young child attacking, and quickly thereafter came the kid hitting.

I can wholeheartedly inform you, I have actually been via the complete gamut with both my youngsters – hitting, kicking, attacking and spitting.

No matter what kid behavior you’re dealing with, I can understand your frustration.

It is exhausting attempting to stop a toddler from striking themselves or another individual, especially if you have actually read clashing advice from “the professionals. Which is why I’m here to offer you the easiest. Easiest ways to stop your child from hitting.

Is it normal for toddlers to hit? Why is my kid striking?
Exactly how do you quit your young child from hitting? Step-by-Step Guide
Obtaining to the origin cause of hitting.
Assisting the youngster locate a healthy way to satisfy their demand.
The key to drawing out kind and caring behaviors.
Regularly asked concerns about young child hitting.

Is it normal for young children to strike? Why is my kid striking?

All children have Three Basic Demands: power, experience and connection. It is exceptionally normal for young children to strike because it can satisfy all 3 demands at as soon as.

Transforms out, kids are really reliable at satisfying their demands Allow me explain why your kid is hitting …

1. Striking satisfies the demand for connection.

The youngster is hitting to communicate a message to you or a person else. This approach of communicating (i.e. striking) happens because the youngster isn’t able to articulate their words (ideas and sensations) well.

Because all kids will certainly remain to communicate till they really feel heard and comprehended, it makes feeling why you see a child go back to hit again and again.

It is an easy way for the youngster to communicate. In order to quit the striking, you have to assist the kid locate a new way to communicate (maintain reading for recommendations).

2. Striking satisfies the demand for experience.

The demand for experience is when the kid marvels, “I have this body … what can I make with it?” Kids enjoy to experience using their body in various ways.

You understand what it really feels like to turn your arms around and have it hit something. A child does not.

And if you have actually ever read my message on neurological advancement in children age six and under, it’s actually exceptionally normal and important for the youngster to make use of activity with their body.

Currently, it’s only a matter of assisting your child satisfy the demand for experience within your boundaries to quit the striking (a lot more on that in a minute).

3. Hitting satisfies the demand for power.

When children are frustrated, angry or dismayed, they will certainly have a very high demand for power and control.

One way to rapidly satisfy that demand for power is to strike something. A child can really feel really effective that way.

When a child lacks self-constraint – as all young children do – they will certainly consider utilize their body to really feel powerful over others and things.

As I obtain right into exactly how to quit your youngster from hitting, I will certainly walk you via exactly how to assist your child learn to satisfy their demand for power without hitting another individual.

Exactly how do you stop your kid from striking? Step-by-Step Guide.

Much of what I will certainly walk you via originates from Language of Paying attention ® – a 3 part framework I make use of and teach to parents similar to you. It’s easy to make use of and easy to bear in mind when you’re really feeling activated in the moment with an aggressive kid.

1. Obtain to the root cause of striking.

Because all youngsters will certainly remain to communicate up until they really feel heard and recognized, it’s imperative that you obtain to the origin cause of the striking.

Below are simply a few examples …

– Monotony → I attempt to make points a little a lot more amazing around your house. Create great deals of activity activities. Dance parties are always enjoyable!

– Frustration, Anger, Upset → I attempt to repeat back what I assume my child is attempting to do or say. Validate what your kid is revealing you.

– Looking for attention → I attempt to use more distraction-free quality time.

– Exhausted → I start obtaining rest in order (i.e. Assisting young children fall asleep fast and solid kid going to bed routines.).

– Lack of language abilities → I make use of baby indication language, visual regular cards and again attempt to repeat back what I assume my child is attempting to say.

– Trying out → In some cases youngsters are simply evaluating boundaries. I will certainly examine in to make certain I am holding boundaries. Assisting my youngster locate alternatives to satisfy their underlying demand.

In the moment, here are some ways to react:

1. I advise starting by physically actioning in between the child and whomever the child is hitting, and say something such as this:

2. “You’re angry and want to strike her AND I’m not okay with that. You can tear this paper or hit this cushion instead.”

3. In the heat of the moment, the most significant goal is to reroute the child toward something they can hit instead. Your child will certainly be a lot a lot more responsive to guidance once they start to calm.

2. Assist the kid locate a healthy way to satisfy their demand.

When you understand which require your kid is attempting to satisfy – experience, power or connection – the alternative your child picks will certainly require to satisfy the underlying demand.


If the kid is attempting to satisfy the demand for experience or requires a lot more activity → Assist the kid locate ways to relocate their body in a way that you are okay with.

A complete checklist of activity activities appropriate for kids to sustain their “activity cravings.”.


When the youngster is functioning to satisfy the demand for power → Assist the kid locate things that she or he can manage. A lot more options that can work within your boundaries the far better!

Exactly how to establish appropriate limitations for stubborn children that want great deals of power and control.


When the youngster is working to satisfy the demand for link → Usage SAY WHAT YOU SEE ® where you explain what the child is assuming, sensation, doing or saying without doubt, repairing or judgment.

This assists youngsters really feel heard and recognized. It’s the foundation of link, obtains you on your child’s side and assists them open to your guidance.

A simple way to construct link with an upset youngster.

Read the SAY WHAT YOU SEE ® Handbook online for totally free.

3. The secret to drawing out kind and caring behaviors.

All children act according to believe they are. So when you see your youngster acting in a kind. Caring way be certain to name a STRENGTH. This is something the youngster succeeded that is tied to observation of the behavior.

Below’s an example:

” You shared the plaything with your sis. That reveals you’re kind. “You’re angry. You really did not struck. That reveals you have self-constraint!”

Your child’s future actions are based out of those Staminas. When you see something you such as and you name a STRENGTH, the kid can see the trait in themselves. The youngster sees the proof!

This is exactly how you start to develop self-constraint in kids – by seeing ways they are already revealing you self-constraint.

Regularly asked questions about kid striking.

There is always a reason why youngsters do what they do. In some cases it appears like there isn’t a reason, however there is one. Obtain interested and assume which underlying need the youngster is attempting to satisfy – power, experience or link – and that will certainly assist you understand the ideal way to assist your youngster action out of the hitting behavior.

When you see a child that attempts to harm themselves, this is a big cry for assistance from you. And it’s up to us as the adults to action in. Assist the youngster reveal what they are really feeling. Parents can start with validation of why the youngster may be dismayed and frustrated. Next off, parents can action in and assist the child locate an alternative way to reveal their distress without harming themselves. Lastly, when youngsters start to make use of an alternative, be certain to name a STRENGTH, such as this …” You hit the cushion instead of on your own. That reveals vanity.”

There are several points taking place when a toddler strikes mama just. Initially, the young child may understand that mama is a safe place to allow the guard down and act out. It is not unusual the most youngsters act out a lot more around their mothers – especially if the kid is functioning hard to maintain it with each other all day at daycare. Mama is the safe place where the youngster understands mama will certainly love him or her anyway. This can also be a big cry for more connection time with mama. On the other hand, this can also aim to frustration or powerlessness with mama. If there is an unmet demand for power, see above for ways to assist the kid satisfy their demand for power inside your boundary.

While you can’t manage what happens at daycare, you can start to assist your kid construct self-constraint at residence. My most significant recommendation is to deal with your youngster at residence making use of role-play or play with dolls. Assist the child practice exactly how to handle upsets without striking. Second, you’ll want to concentrate heavily on vestibular and proprioception input throughout the toddler years to assist kids learn to manage their bodies. Third, cut way back on screen-time as it can exacerbate hitting behaviors because children will naturally act out what they see on television to make feeling of it.

Immediately stepping in between both kids OR placing an arm in between the 2 youngsters is so important. If your kid is having a hard time with hitting and this is a pattern, you’ll want to manage carefully so you can react immediately. If you can not physically place your body between the children, I would certainly make use of a loud noise like, “WOAHHHHHH.” Obtain attention as you’re walking to the youngster to physically action in. Next, assist your kid guide their behavior toward a soft things. Assume carefully about the Three Basic Demands stated above. Finally, when kids have a hard time with hitting, it reveals you they require a lot of role play and practice with not hitting when you are NOT in the heat of the minute. We typically anticipate youngsters to obtain it right when they are frustrated or angry, and this is rarely the case for a toddler. Practice, practice, practice when everybody is calm and hitting is just a pretend scenario.

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