Sunday Wishin’… #1

Every now and again we all have those moments when we’re trawling through magazines or the internet and wish pay day would come that little bit quicker or perhaps bring along millions of pounds too. Today has been one of those days & I’ve spent this morning doing just that. These are some of the bits I’ve … Read more

Give the Most Memorable Box of Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

If there’s one Valentine’s Day gift that 99.9% of people appreciate, it’s a box of chocolates. Of course, it’s part of tradition to give a box on this day of love, but why not take that gift of chocolate to another level? You may recall my previous article about zChocolat, a chocolatier based in France … Read more

Delicious Healthy Muesli Bars

Like a lot of people, I am that girl that likes to start off the week on a healthier note. I’m not going to call it a diet but there are definitely good intentions in wanting to eat healthier. I’ve been researching a lot recently on meal prep and eating well but not at a … Read more

Start of Fall: Wild Mushroom Risotto

We are getting a taste of Autumn here this weekend in North Carolina and that always puts me in the mood to make some of my Fall favorites.  This easy to make risotto dish is great as a side with pork or beef dishes or alone as a meal in itself.  This dish has an … Read more

Becoming CEO of a Venture Backed Company: Are You Ready for Combat?

Years ago when I was much younger and contemplating starting my own dot com company, I sat down with a successful and experienced entrepreneur who had built more than one business from scratch. This particular entrepreneur was also a former Marine, so he had earned his grey hairs and steely look in more than one … Read more

Don’t Dis Dads: How Smart Marketers Engage Modern-day Fathers

It’s refreshing to see that marketers are quickly realizing that dads (especially those that stay at home and do the majority of shopping and household decision making) are a huge, upcoming market potential.  Sure, some of the ads that dis dads are funny, but they also border on insulting.  It is all in good fun, … Read more