How I Got My Food Shopping Down From £70-£80 A Week To £40-£50

So I am constantly looking for new ways to save money on things I really don’t enjoy spending money on, one of those things is food shopping. I hate doing the ‘big’ food shop, I literally get no enjoyment out of it whatsoever.

Recently I did an online shop with Ocado and one of the freebies with your first food shop was a weekly meal planner. I mean, I don’t why it took me receiving a free meal planner to decide I was actually going to meal plan, I could have done it myself but sometimes these things happen.

Anyway, when it came to doing my next food shop I decided to do a meal plan and only buy the ingredients on that meal plan, obviously with the essential milk & bread on top. I looked through my fridge & cupboards to make sure I wasn’t going to buy anything that we already have.


After doing this and writing my list I realized that list was considerably shorter than it usually is.  Off I went to the supermarket and in my first shop, I spent £46.77. This includes washing powder or any other toiletries we needed. I generally try and buy things like that at Wilkos but sometimes it isn’t always possible. I know on this particular week, all I bought was washing powder, bin bags & Darcy’s bubbles bath.


I know you’re probably thinking that this is a really obvious way to save money but I think if I had read a blog post like this, I would have done it a lot sooner. It really doesn’t take much time and looking back I spent a lot of time in the supermarket thinking about what I wanted to cook when I could have done all the thinking at home.


I decided to ask a few fellow bloggers what there ideas on saving money in the supermarket were and this is what they came back with.


Batch cooking is a great way to save money, by buying a little bit more you can make enough for 2 servings. We also bulk foods up with pasta quinoa or rice. – Carla


Shop online even click and collect it saves you looking at the offers and purchasing more then you need – Charlotte


When buying food look at the cost per unit rather than the total price. This is how you can get the best value for the quantity you are purchasing. – Charlotte


Make one pot meals as they go so far and leftovers can be used for lunch which then saves money on buying lunches – Lianne


Eat seasonally. Buying what’s in season is massively cheaper than trying to cook the same things all year round. – Rachel


Try shopping for “yellow sticker bargains” It’s a great way to save loads on the stuff you want and most of it can be frozen. It’s good to go about an hour before they close and pick up bargains saving you money – Beth 


Do a little taste tasting and see which non-brands you prefer….you can save a large amount by using own brands (providing everyone likes/ eats them)

We didn’t switch everything on one shop as we didn’t want to waste money in case the switches were no good. – Sinead


These are really good suggestions, some of which I will be putting to the test.