Learning About Parenting In Other Cultures

The World is pretty much connected everywhere.  Information can be passed from one country to another in fractions of a second.  What used to be wide-spread physical communities are now close-knit virtual neighborhoods.  With continued diversity in the US, it is extremely important to embrace other cultures and teach our children the value of accepting differences among their peers.

A month or two ago, I received an email from the editor of Parent Circle magazine.  Parent Circle, is a website and a monthly magazine, published by Shri Harini Media Pvt. Ltd., a Ramco Group Associate. Global exposures and changing lifestyles have given rise to a new set of challenges for the Indian parent. Parent Circle is targeted towards such parents of school going children.  The editor asked if she could use some content in my blog.  I welcomed the idea, and felt an interesting international connection.  I assumed that my blog was read by a handful of people in the US, but after reviewing my hit stats, it is quite international!  To see the stay at home dad revolution in other countries is refreshing!

The beauty of Parent Circle, is that it is written in English but is focused on parenting in India.  It is fascinating to read the similarities and differences in parenting across cultures.  I found that it is truly a small World in that parenting concerns here in the US are the same half way across the globe.  There are recipes, discussions on religion, parenting techniques, games, school and much more.  The magazine is a perfect teaching tool to expose yourself and your children to a new culture.  Who knows, your child may soon have an email pal thousands of miles away where they can swap stories and cultures!

If you have not read Parent Circle, please give it a try.  You can read a portion of the online version (full version is subscription-based and will soon accept international payment). Current Issue.

If you know of other international parenting magazines written in English, please let me know so that I can add them to this blog entry!