Marketers Are (finally) Realistically Identifying With the Modern Dad

Two million. That’s 2,000,000! The number of stay at home dads in the U.S.* That is a pretty hefty number for advertisers to leave out of their marketing strategy – or worse yet, belittle or make fun of over two million dads in their ad campaigns! …but not anymore!

It appears that advertisers are finally realizing that we are not the dads of the 1950’s, but rather caring, nurturing, diaper changing, grocery shopping, laundry doing, house cleaning, soccer toting dads that may even stay at home and put a career on hold to take care of their children.

That is why I found particular interest in this article from Engage:Moms,

Dads Are Getting Schooled penned by Holly Pavlika.

In particular, she writes a section on how dads should be portrayed in modern advertising such as:

  • use humor: show dad joking and having fun with his family
  • portray dad as confident
  • use messaging that is pointed and quick
  • showcase dad as problem solver–emotional and thoughtful
  • present dad as connected and not reliant on mom to save him


Of course dads are still, by far, a minority in some of the household decision making when it comes to shopping, but the number is now big enough where dads can no longer be ignored.