Some Great (and manly) Products for New Dads

Whether you are a stay at home dad or a new dad, any father will want to sport these masculine products.  It is difficult to find items such as diaper bags without flowers, pastels, frills or cute little smiley faces.  Sure a backpack will do OK for a diaper bag, but lacks some great features of the masculine line of B.O.B. diaper bags.

The BOB Diaper Bag

Such features include its own changing pad (essential for impromptu blowouts in the middle of nowhere – if you are a very new dad and have not experienced a “blowout” – you soon will.  I won’t take the fun out of it by defining it here), internal key clip, soft compartment for sunglasses, insulated bottle pouch and stylish, manly colors.  At around $60, it may seem a bit expensive, but every bit worth it.  I used mine for 3+ years and passed it along to my brother who is still using it.  This bag is DURABLE!


I cannot tell you how much I spent on strollers.  I could never find the right one.  Too bulky, too flimsy, too small, hard to use, not good for long walks or jogs.  I have a regular jogger for home, but when on vacation, I needed a stroller that would be able to handle a walk or jog on the beach.  I finally found the perfect, all-in-one stroller.  The City Mini by Baby Jogger.

City Mini Stroller by Baby Jogger

This stroller is the easiest ever to fold – just pull up the handle on the seat and poof, you have a folded stroller/jogger.  Set up? hold the handle, lift and pop!  It’s open.  The over sized sun shade is a real plus.  The best feature is an easy to use strap that you can release to lay the back down flat for nap time.  It’s like a rolling travel bed!  There are plenty of vents you can open or close for airflow or protection from a surprise rain storm.  There is plenty of clearance from the back wheels to your feet for a fast walk or jog without hitting the wheels.  It fits easily on the scanner belt at airports and offers plenty of under storage.  Trust me on this, the $240 is well worth it and you will not have to buy another stroller again!!

There are plenty of other items I will be adding shorty, so check back often!