Uplifting and Exquisite: Pens by Montegrappa

I had no idea that the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is also a purveyor of all things luxury. From watches to diamond encrusted rings, couture handbags and foot ware, extravagantly overpriced champagnes, and the list goes on.

Three items in their catalog that struck me as being exorbitantly overpriced was the collection of Montegrappa rollerball pens. Though the high end Montegrappa pens are very ornate and detailed in design, I could not imagine parting with thousands of dollars to procure just one of the writing instruments. My favorite of the three is the sterling silver “My Guardian Angel” pen. It appears to be accented with turquoise and mother of pearl, and the ‘Angelic Beings’ being represented on the shaft of the pen are rendered out of sterling silver. It is a majestic piece to behold, but there is an astronomical price to pay for it’s ownership, $6,500.

My second favorite design is the “Bruce Lee Dragon”. It is a reddish colored pen with traditional Chinese dragons rendered out of sterling silver as well. It also carries a hefty price tag, and it can be yours for a whopping $4,695. I could see justification for the price if Bruce Lee himself had previously owned and used the pen, but that’s not the case. The third Montegrappa pen, the 2014 “Year Of The Horse” is less ornate than the previous two, and it is reflected in the somewhat more reasonable pricing of the piece at $1,875. Though I can’t rationalize dropping the equivalent of a down payment for a car on a writing utensil, all three pens are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.