5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Moving Out.

This year has been a fairly crazy one for me, not only have I had a baby but in March this year I also moved out of my parents for the first time. I was extremely nervous about this and it took a lot of getting used to along with a huge amount of anxiety. Something I hadn’t experienced much of until then.
However putting that aside there were a few things I definitely learnt along the way.
1. You’ll have to go to the Supermarket. This being the most important and obvious one, food doesn’t actually buy itself and you have to actually go out and buy these things? Food doesn’t just appear in your fridge? Who’d of known! And no you can’t buy a load of junk, unless you want to get fat. You need to learn to cook. Oh and also don’t forget things like toilet roll. Someone actually bought that, borrrrinng!
2. Money doesn’t actually go very far. There are a lot of bills that come with moving out. Electricity, Water, Gas, Council Tax & like above food shopping! As soon as your bills are paid, you’ll wonder where it’s all gone.
3. Cats are bloody annoying for someone who doesn’t have any. I know this is a bit of a random one. Let me just clear this one up, I love cats and always have done, but my neighbour has 6!! I’ve seen everyone of them use my garden as a litter tray and it winds me up.. why should I clear up after some one elses pet. Oh and the other day one of them came in my house and took a walk around my front room. It made me so mad as I have such a young baby. How am I to know it doesn’t carry any diseases!
4. You have to clear up after yourself. There is a lot of cleaning to be done if you don’t want to live in a pit, hoovering, dusting (important one with a baba) washing up, washing itself. Cleaning the toilet!
5. Washing sucks. This one sort of carries on from the above but washing really is the worse job of them all especially with a baby. Oh and when the weather is poor you’ll have to hang things on driers if you don’t have a tumble dryer like us. If you don’t have the heating on it will probably take like a week to dry too. Don’t even get me started on the ironing.
Anything you learnt after moving out? I’ve missed a lot here and I could go on forever. It’s been a learning curve for somebody like me.