Baby 6-12 Months Gift Guide

With Christmas coming up I’ve found it quite hard to shop for a 6 month old and lets face it she isn’t going to know what is going on, but I will and I want this to be a special first Christmas as does I’m sure every mummy does. Having a special Christmas doesn’t mean I need to go out and buy the shop, it’s about family and being able to spend a day surrounded by love. This being said I’d love for her to have something to open. As I said I found it quite difficult to find suitable to toys for a 6 month old that she’ll actually like so I decided to create a gift guide.


ELC Sensory Discovery Balls

I got these for Darcy as she enjoys it when I roll the balls to her and I help her roll it back, as well as this, these stimulate her senses and have different textures.

ELC Lights & Sounds Drum £15.00

Darcy likes anything that makes a noise at the moment as I’m sure most babies do, so as much I’ll regret this, I think I might buy it.

Lamaze Octotunes £26.99

Darcy has played with this before at some one else’s house and loved the noises it made, it’s a fun little toy, it states on the website that it is suitable from birth – 24 months however a young baby wouldn’t be able to be so hands on with it as its a fairly heavy toy. even now she is 5 months and has to be shown it rather than given it. I think this is better for a 9 month old onwards.

Peter Rabbit Stacking Blocks £15.00

These are perfect for this age group as they’re not only fun but also educational and what child doesn’t like stacking blocks, oh and they are Peter Rabbit. Something I absolutely loved as a child! Which I hope a little bit Darcy does too. hehe.

Personalised Wooden Stacking Toy £25.00

This slightly similar to the above toy but this is slightly more sentimental and special and you can have what ever message you want on it, also something for your little one to keep forever. I think I’d like to get this for Darcy. Not on the high street does some lovely gifts.

Personalised Wooden Name Train £5.00

This would probably be perfect for a boy but no way am I gender stereotyping. I really like this one because the name is Incorporated in to the toy a bit more, again it is personalised and is lovely and special. A great price too!

Dear Santa Book £5.99

This is obviously great because of the time of the year, a great little book to entertain a little one, and short enough to keep there short attention span. Darcy does love a book, so this will be great for her.

Thank you for reading my gift guide, I hope this has given you some ideas if you were slightly stuck like I was, have you got any more ideas?