Dads in the Kitchen – what kind of cook are you?

I recently received an email from an agency working for Kraft Foods.  I get a lot of emails from social media folks wanting me to post information about their client’s products on my website.  I usually decline, but this one is a keeper because not only am I a dad who cooks every meal for the family, but also a dad who REALLY loves to cook!  I fantasize about being in an Iron Chef competition just to see what I can do!  Sometimes, when I don’t get out shopping, I am forced to host a one-man Iron Chef and take whatever is left in the house and make it into a healthy, tasty dinner!  The idea of finding another couple or two to host monthly “challenge dinners” (see “Having Fun With Your Food” below) is intriguing.

The info graphic on the Kraft website says it all – “What Kind of Dad Is In Your Kitchen?”  It is humorous, and I bet you’d have a hard time not finding where you fit in.  It also includes a cheese survey – what is the #1 cheese used by dads?  Read on…Being a dad who loves to cook, I easily fit in with 58% of dads who consider themselves as “daring” in the kitchen; those who cook on instinct and will whip up a meal with whatever is available.  You may find yourself as a “cookbook dad,” or “techy dad,” or even a “dad with potential.”  Which one are you?  Please share your comments!

The page goes on to share the results of a cheese survey – it makes everything from broccoli to chicken taste better -right?!  There are some shocking cheeses on the loser list – of which I use them often! But what is the #1 favorite cheese?


Earlier I mentioned a monthly “challenge dinner.” I am not sure if my parents and neighbors are the originators of the idea, but they sure have fun doing it.  How it works is that each couple alternates months in which they must cook a meal for the other.  The catch is that the couple not cooking gets to pick the theme or main ingredient in that all parts of the dinner must include – a cocktail, appetizer, main course and dessert.  It is harder than you think, especial when you get thrown a zinger of an ingredient like celery root!  Making a dessert with celery root?  Or a theme like “Arctic safari.”  What is an Arctic safari anyway?  It’s up to the cooking couple to figure it out.  The main rule: You cannot refuse your ingredient or theme – you must press on!  Just remember what they say about payback…your month to cook is next!

So cooking doesn’t have to be a chore.  Have fun with it!  What are some ideas you have to make cooking fun and enjoyable?  Please leave a comment!