Things I Love About Autumn

We are now very much in Autumn, I know not everyone likes this season, I mean it’s cold wet and can be a bit miserable.

However, there are so many reasons to love it too. I’ll give a few reasons as to why.
  • The colours, this one is quite simple.. go outside and just have a look at the colours around you.  The leaves on the trees have turned beautiful colours, the colours of other peoples clothes. Autumn colours are beautiful.
  • Cosy evenings (by the fire if you have one) with a hot chocolate whilst it’s miserable outside, maybe with a blanket too?
  • Boots! Buying your first set of Autumn/Winter boots is the best isn’t it?!
  • Bonfire night is a really lovely evening of the year, getting together with your friends and family and watching the fireworks with a hot pork roll! (Cheeky roasted marshmallows too?!)
  • The build up to christmas, late night shopping and getting all festive is perfect 🙂
  • The lush christmas release means more baths! Autumn is chilly so the first thing I do once I’m out from the cold is get in to the warm bath.
  • Getting your onesie out! These were quite possibly the best invention, yes?!
What do you love about Autumn?