What Really Happens In The First Trimester

Bit of a different post on the blog today.

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blogasphere recently, there is a reason for this.
I’m preggggnannnnt!

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and felt as thought this was the right time to let the cat out of the bag however friends and family have known a while now, I wasn’t quite ready to put it on the internet just yet. I was unsure as to how to announce it, like do you just say it? end of blog post… anyway what I’ve decided is to do is tell you what happened in my first trimester.

I know every first trimester is very different from one another, mine wasn’t great which I know is quite common. Some of the things i experienced were:

Being thirsty ALOT. Which is great in a way because it reminded me to drink more and drinking more is good but waking up many times in the middle night because I need liquid is not so great which leads me onto my next point.

Disturbed sleep, like what I’ve stated above, I also like to sleep on my back which I need to get of of the habit of so I’ve woken myself up every time I’ve rolled onto my back.

Feeling bloated/constipated TMI here but It had to be included because it was probably one of my worst symptoms.

Feeling sick was also a terrible one for me, imagine waking up every morning for 2 to 3 weeks with a sicky headachey hangover. This is was it felt like for me.

Generally aching, my body ached because I was growing I had tummy aches a lot which I didn’t think was normal but apparently it’s growing pains?

Feeling stressed and a little bit miserable 🙁 this wasn’t a great one for me because I felt guilty for feeling like this and worked me up even more.

The smell of cooking was a nasty one; especially on Christmas day, hours of waiting for my yummy lunch was spoilt because the smell which once upon a time would of made me even more hungry instead I had zero appetite when the food was put in front of me 🙁

I have a huge lack of motivation which is my reason for being so absent on here and you tube recently, I love writing and filming videos usually but I have had no go in me, this will change from now on. I’m on the up!

A beauty no no here. Dry skin. It’s every girls nightmare putting foundation on that would usually look flawless and instead it goes flaky. Can anyone recommend me a super moisturising moisturiser because my usual one isn’t doing the trick.

Sore boobs! This wasn’t really too much of a problem for me, it only happened now and again but when it did, bras were a no no.

My hormones went flying and I am usually a happy, laid back and chilled person. Pregnancy has sent me to an angry lady which doesn’t delve well when you work in front of the general public every day.

I know i’ve not made pregnancy sound great here, but I felt like an honest bog post was needed, all the posts I’ve read are too good to be true. I’m feeling better now though!
Is there anything that helped through pregnancy for you I could try?

Let me know, I’ll take any advice!