Dear Internship Supervisor…

Dearest Internship Supervisor,

Had you asked me two years ago where I’d be working this past summer, I probably would have said Trump. Or the PGA Tour. Or a small-town, low-level consulting agency.
I can’t believe my third choice came true.

These past few months have been a rich learning experience, especially if I decide to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional paper shredder or a freelance filing agent. I conquered spreadsheets with the refinement of a computer nerd living in his parents’ basement and answered phones with the swift efficiency of a grizzled secretary — no frumpy argyle sweater required. I even mastered proper stapling technique, something 14 years in the public-school system couldn’t come close to touching.

But most of all, I learned the true spirit of an internship. When I stepped out of the box and designed my own template for the corporate newsletter, you were right there to tell me it looked like crap! And when I accidentally walked into your office during a phone call, who was it that fired off a curt e-mail about showing respect to my co-workers? And that’s not to mention the time my cubicle was moved and I worked for a week on a laptop older than Susan the accountant’s moldy Chinese food in the mini-fridge.

Oh, the memories.

Thank you again for a wonderful summer. Not only am I enthused about putting my newly acquired menial-labor skills to work at school next semester, but I also can’t wait to put the “experience” on my resume!



P.S. Don’t forget about my damn paycheck.