Don’t Dis Dads: How Smart Marketers Engage Modern-day Fathers

It’s refreshing to see that marketers are quickly realizing that dads (especially those that stay at home and do the majority of shopping and household decision making) are a huge, upcoming market potential.  Sure, some of the ads that dis dads are funny, but they also border on insulting.  It is all in good fun, but when you see, hear or read something enough, it starts to become reality — like when advertisers depict dads as child rearing disasters.  But not anymore!

MediaPost’s Engage:Moms recently posted an article Don’t Dis Dads: How Smart Marketers Engage Modern-day Fathers outlining the dangers of marketers pushing dads away from their products by poking fun at them.  With modern dads sharing more household chores and child rearing responsibilities, corporations need to shift their marketing strategies to include and entice them to purchase their product.  I am a classic example of what this article is about.  If a product embraces dads as loving, caring and competent, I will be more likely to buy it over a product that uses advertising that pokes fun at dads.

The last time I posted a blog related to marketing to dads was back in 2011, Advertising to Dads: the chicken or the egg, with very  similar, yet more advanced data.  In less that two years, dads have gain great ground in gaining the eye of advertisers and marketers.

Just like any new market, In this case the EDDM Emerging Domestic Dad Market, it takes time for marketers to realize and embrace the potential.  Advertising is expensive, and to delve into new territory is even more-so.  So marketers are reluctant to try and fail.  Smart, savvy marketers will try, not afraid of failure, in hope for huge success!  these are the market leaders!