Give the Most Memorable Box of Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

If there’s one Valentine’s Day gift that 99.9% of people appreciate, it’s a box of chocolates. Of course, it’s part of tradition to give a box on this day of love, but why not take that gift of chocolate to another level?

You may recall my previous article about zChocolat, a chocolatier based in France that offers the most unique chocolates I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. For Valentine’s Day they’ve come out with a romantic collection of chocolates that include these divine heart-shaped chocolates, each with their own special name.

There’s “Mystique”, a temptuous dark chocolate with creamy Bourbon Vanilla inside; “Amore”, a decadent white chocolate on the outside with a dark chocolate ganache infused with bergamot on the inside; “Supreme” is a smooth milk chocolate that surrounds a Piedmont hazelnut praline; Last, there’s “Toquade”, a 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate ganache covered by scrumptious white chocolate.

The box I received is the Romantic Ruby ($108.21), which comes with 27 chocolates (12 of the heart chocolates and 15 of the standard chocolates). Each chocolate is unique in itself, stamped with a number that can be looked up in the accompanying booklet containing a description of each chocolate.

What makes this such a memorable gift, however, is the box that the chocolates come in. You could have it engraved, plus it comes in pretty black pouch. There is a gift wrapping option as well. I will treasure the beautiful mahogany box as much as the last box I received, which is currently filled with little keepsakes.