Media Challenge: Add a Dad Advise Column/Blog (or at least include us)

With more and more dads choosing to stay home to raise their children I am surprised that media outlet have yet to embrace dads for blogs, parenting advise columns, guest writers and the like.  At the very least, rename the “mom” columns and blogs to “parents” and have both moms and dads input.  Whether a major news network site, national parenting magazine or advertiser, each blatantly lacks advise or input from dads.

The days of the hands-off dad are vanish quickly.  More and more dads are playing an active role in raising their children and sharing duties around the house, not to mention being the primary care giver while mom works.

As a stay at home dad, I do everything a stay at home mom does.  Primarily, raise my son, teach him life skills, love and nurture him.  After that comes, all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, home repairs, appointments, scheduling, transporting, bill paying, chaperoning, school involvement, and making a little money on the side consulting.  I list these tasks not as a badge on my sleeve, but to eliminate the forthcoming questions from the nay-sayers that think stay at home dads play with their kids all day and leave the chores for mom to do on the weekend or evenings after a full day of work.  It is a stereotype that I am frankly tired of hearing and reading about.  The only way to eliminate the stereotype, just like any other, is through education.  So here in lies the challenge:

Affiliates with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Parenting Magazine, Parents Magazine – seek out and include dads in your blogs, ads, guest columns, articles, advise columns and features to help quash the stereotypes of the stay at home dad.  You may be surprised at how much we know about parenting and how much help and advise we can offer from a slightly different perspective.