Stay at Home Dads Are Quickly Being Noticed By Savvy Retailers

About a decade ago, being a stay at home dad was an extremely rare role for a male to play.  Today, it is much more common, to the tune of 158,000 in the US according to the US Census Bureau.  The number is likely larger since the Census is not an exact science and the data is only as good as what is sent in from US citizens. This number is expected to grow significantly over the next 5 years.

You can see how many active stay at home dads are out there through a simple Google search or typing “SAHD” in the Twitter search.  It is a very real and lucrative market that would be considered an emerging or growing market for retailers.  Such a market should not be overlooked, but rather studied for what appeals to a stay at home dad.  The psychology will certainly be different from that of a stay at home mom.  Making the mistake of using the same marketing strategy for both could prove to be catastrophic to your marketing efforts and campaigns.

One of the first retailers to specifically target stay at home dads is Kellogg’s.  According to an Ad Age article A Tiger at 60: How Kellogg’s Tony Is Changing for a New Age: Frosted Flakes Mascot Being Used in Push Toward Dads Frosted Flakes is reaching out to fathers with TV ads that show a dad, son and Tony tossing a football in the backyard. The trio then heads to the kitchen for some post-game Flakes, as the voiceover intones “share what you love with who you love.” Kellogg, which ran a similar ad featuring baseball last year, is going all-in this fall, adding as a spokesman ESPN sports anchor (and dad) Rece Davis, who is featured on an ESPN microsite sponsored by the cereal.

The campaign is meant to tap into the growing trend of dads buying groceries. More than half of men ages 18 to 64 identify themselves as the primary shopper in the household, but only 22% to 24% feel that packaged-goods advertising is speaking to them, according to a recent survey of 2,400 U.S. men by Yahoo.

Retailers have a golden opportunity here.  With a bit of investment in research and focus group data, they can generate targeted advertising to drive significant online and offline sales with this growing market, quickly realizing their ROI and gaining status as a market leader.