Smoking is so uncool. Until now.

It has taken three generations of anti-smoking campaigns to finally make smoking uncool.  My son (age 7) asks, “why would someone do that? It seems kind of stupid.”  I laugh and think to myself, “what a different world it was in the 70′s and 80′s when I grew up.”  Smoking was cool back then.  Movie … Read more

Are You a CDO (Chief Domestic Officer)? Read On!

I am often asked what exactly is a CDO, Chief Domestic Officer.  It is more than a fun title for stay at home parents, it encompasses all that we do on a daily basis.  A CEO oversees all departments within a company, but a CDO does what all departments do in a company (in this … Read more

Should Schools Ban Homework?

Huh? Ban homework? When I first read Should Schools Ban Homework? in the CNN Opinion section I thought, with the current state of our educations system, the idea of no homework is absurd, but change is needed…I don’t believe eliminating homework is the answer, but rather a different approach to homework should be taken. Instead … Read more

Dear Internship Supervisor…

Dearest Internship Supervisor, Had you asked me two years ago where I’d be working this past summer, I probably would have said Trump. Or the PGA Tour. Or a small-town, low-level consulting agency. I can’t believe my third choice came true. These past few months have been a rich learning experience, especially if I decide … Read more

Part 2: Closing the Resume Gap – back to work (sort of)

I just reposted a blog entry I wrote a little over a year ago with some concerns and questions about being a stay-at-home parent and whether or not to go back to work. My son is now starting 2nd grade and is becoming more self sufficient, leaving me some free time to start closing my … Read more

Child Safety: don’t let your guard down!

Safety for our children is among the number one concern of parents.  Yet, time and time again, I am witness to some really bad choices made by parents.  Whether it’s letting your 6 year old roam the toy store by himself or allowing a child to run through a parking lot, the lack of common … Read more