How to Handle a Bully: sometimes hitting back is necessary

This week I’d like to offer some tips on how to help your child handle a bully.  But before we get into some scenarios, I’d like to touch on something that may not go along with popular opinion; Sometimes, it may be necessary to fight back!  Yes, agree or not, there are situations where I … Read more

Learning About Parenting In Other Cultures

The World is pretty much connected everywhere.  Information can be passed from one country to another in fractions of a second.  What used to be wide-spread physical communities are now close-knit virtual neighborhoods.  With continued diversity in the US, it is extremely important to embrace other cultures and teach our children the value of accepting … Read more

My Child is a Bully! What do I do?

This week, we are going to look at bullying from a different perspective – when your child is the bully. A 1993 Olweus study found that boys who were identified as bullies in middle school were four times as likely to have a criminal conviction by age 24. This one becomes more difficult since some … Read more