Connecting With Your Audience – Listen

One of the best ways of connecting with your audience is to really listen to them. Believe it or not they tell you exactly what they want and it’s up to you to pay attention. How does your audience tell you? A few ways, and to figure it out, ask yourself the following questions. 1. … Read more

Taken Out Of Context

There’s a reason people put great value in proper context. Have you ever seen an athlete or politician say their quote was taken out of context? Sometimes, they say that to try and downplay what they said. Other times, the media are to blame. Regardless, there’s a lesson to be learned. Context is imperative to … Read more

Connecting With Your Audience – Speak Their Language

Have you ever worked for, or known someone that has worked for a company where they used a ton of acronyms? Or perhaps they used words that meant something totally different outside the organization. It’s frustrating, and confusing to outsiders. Now imagine how your readers must feel if they don’t understand an acronym or word/phrase … Read more

Combating The Blank Screen

You ever have that experience when you’re all set to put some words on paper (or, in this day in age, on the screen) and you find yourself staring at the mouse cursor, watching it flash repeatedly? Yeah, I know, it’s a silly question, but I know it’s something that can antagonize writers, even the … Read more

The Bloggers Basic Guide to Content Strategy

Now that we have the topics in mind, we can start strategically using that content. Creating a content strategy might sounds a little scary, but I can promise you, you will love yourself for it in the long run. Defining Content Needs The start to any good content strategy is defining the content you really … Read more

How to Live a Frugal Life

I would rather agree that frugal living is modest living than cheap living. You may be surprised that a father of investment like Warrant Buffet has a frugal lifestyle. Take a look at some facts of Warren Buffet’s frugal life: He still lives in the same small 3-bedroom house in mid-town Omaha since his marriage. … Read more

A Social Media Love Story

Online dating has been around for a long time. And more recently social media platforms like Facebook have made it easier to connect with potential matches. But there is another, unlikely social platform that is making love connections. A true social media love story that started with a picture and a “like” on Instagram. But … Read more

Best Communication Practices in the Blogosphere

As a full-time blogger, staying in contact with fellow bloggers can be tricky. There are days in the week where I have to sort through my emails and remind myself what articles I am supposed to be writing and for who. The best part is that I have connected with such a welcoming community of … Read more

Quilting for Nepal: A Sewing Bee on a mission

On Thursday 14th May we hosted a Nepalese Night at The Patchwork Dog and Basket to raise both money and awareness for a charity called Search and Rescue Dogs Nepal, who were a vital part of the search and rescue mission following the recent gewROTo5_400x400earthquakes and are still working to help those who have survived … Read more

How Much Traffic Should Your Blog Have?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a period of Google Analytics obsession. Checking your blog traffic to find out how many, how often and what they do on your site. We all want to know as bloggers what content works and what doesn’t. If content is king, traffic might as well be the … Read more