Cyclomatic Complexity in VS2005 RC

I recently (tonight) installed the Release Candidate for VS2005 (I believe it was the September CTP.) After an absolutely PAINLESS install process, I fired up the HA! code and started taking a look around VS2005. (I have been using the betas all along, but I was curious about some of the features I don’t normally … Read more

Whats up with Reality Check?

For those of you that have been following the saga of Reality Check Games, here’s an update. I found a great location, with plenty of space and an attractive rent. But… it needed a little work, so I worked out a deal with the owners of the property. I would fork over the deposit and 2 … Read more

Paid Text Links And Google

Paid text links were common among a lot of SEO guys, just pay a lot of money for links, and you will receive the reward at the SERP. All this things changed when Google announced that they going to fight against all the paid text links market. Google said that if you decide to advertise … Read more

Ok Fine…

Ok… I’ve gotten a few requests for the details behind this, so here it is: Like most good stories, the truth of what happened probably isn’t quite as interesting as the aftermath, but here goes… about 7 years ago, I was at a small (dare I say… dinky?) convention in Glenvar, VA. Unless you live … Read more

Nature Based Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Whether a parent works in an environmental field as a teacher, biologist, geologist, writer, etc, or the parents share an Earth-based spirituality, a nature-based name could reflect the elements, rocks, flowers, birds, plants, etc. The following names are culled from Phoenix McFarland’s The Complete Book of Magical Names (Llewellyn Publications, 1996). Many of these nature-based … Read more

SEO Colors Hats

Everyone heard about the colors hats and SEO, every SEO’s categorized to 4 kinds of hats: White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Gray hat SEO and Pink hat SEO. Here are more info about each one: White hat SEO Referrs to ethical practice of SEO methodologies that adhere to search engine TOS. The pure SEO … Read more