SEO Companies Theories

In this post I will present several theories of various SEO companies. Nonsense of SEO companies, how to identify good SEO companies more or less? 1. They tell you that they promise to place your website at first place. Double-check the keywords they offer to you, not once I heard of SEO companies that offer … Read more

Strong in .NET?? send me your resume…

Software Engineer III Location: Charleston, SC USA Job Type: Full-Time/Regular Job Description: A great reputation is a result of great products. Great products are a result of innovative thinking. Our leading-edge Product Development team is a big reason why we are the world-leading provider of software solutions to nonprofit organizations. If you have a proven … Read more

Google Juice

I find it interesting that a post I made on Tuesday of this week (9/13/05) managed to hit the #1 spot on Google by Thursday (9/15/05) morning. I’m sure a lot of you have heard (or used) the term Google Juice before, and I know Jeff is pretty proud of the amount of “juice” GWB … Read more

Dungeon Generation in VB.NET

I’m currently starting on my 4th set of dungeon generation routines for my game Heroic Adventure!. The first two attempts were horrible beyond mention. The 3rd attempt, although slightly buggy, was actually pretty good. The 4th attempt has only just begun, but I have big plans for it. For now, I’m going to focus on … Read more

New Method of Search Engine Placement

I receive many emails from SEO companies and internet marketing companies all over the world (most of them from India). Recently came to me an advertising email, that I just have to share its contents with you. The title of the e-mail is like any other email “AdWord Banners – Pay Per Click Alternative.” Here … Read more

Silly People

Sometimes I really enjoy the Linux propaganda machine. They come up with some really clever arguments, although they don’t always make much sense when you scratch below the surface. The penguins are kinda cute too. For example… this post by Aboo S At first glance it’s mildly humorous, but when you stop to think about … Read more

Installshield versus the volcano

As many of you know, I’ve been using InstallShield a lot at work. For the most part, I really like it although it’s not without it’s share of issues. Recently, someone asked me why specifically I use InstallShield as opposed to Visual Studio .NET. Since I’m creating MSI installs, sure the InstallScript is nice but … Read more

Google Panda Update

Last month, Google made a very large update to their algorithm, the update was mainly a change in the ranking of poor quality reference content web sites. The change hit on article directories and sites with large amounts of content (not news sites). This algorithm updatecalled by everyone – Google Panda, you can read here … Read more