Family Fun Activities for Christmas

Christmas is special occasion for Christian family. Parents, do spare some time during Christmas to make fun activities for the family so they become everlasting memories. What are fun ideas to make Christmas memorable and fun? I say, Plenty. You can think something traditional or create new things out of the box. Remember your childhood  … Read more

Portland Code Camp

The Portland Code Camp is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I’m pretty excited to be a part of it. Not only is it my first Code Camp that features a Game Development track, it’s also my first trip “out west”… Yes folks, that’s right… the mighty worldwide explorer (I sailed the Atlantic, … Read more

GC.NUG Road Show

ok, calling it the GC.NUG Road Show is a bit of a stretch, since it was just me and John Lunsford, but we had a great time. John and I made the 2+ hour drive from Charleston, SC up to Columbia, SC to visit the Columbia .NET User Group. The weather was pretty lousy, with … Read more

Web Design and Website Promotion

The web design itself don’t have closely connection SEO, but today even small details of site design can affect website promotion. In the past web designers used the tables format to stylize web pages. Today, the standard is to use HTML / CSS. There is a big difference in the way website is designed when … Read more

Singing the Installshield Blues

I’ve been spending a lot of time working with Installshield X (yes I know there’s a newer version) lately and I’m pretty frustrated. I wrote some pretty cool install helper functions in VB.NET and bundled them all up into a .dll. According to InstallShield, I should be able to call functions exposed in this dll in … Read more

Stupid HR Tricks…

So I have this friend who works for a software company that is trying to find new and innovative ways to locate potential employees (mostly developers). She’s not a geek, so she asks me for some suggestions on how to attract the attention of my fellow geeks who might be looking for a job. Naturally … Read more

7 days left until Microsoft Meltdown!!

This is gonna rock!! I can’t wait. I definitely want to catch the Keynote (Blizzard!!) and I’m also really looking forward to catching the tracks on: Best Practices for Windows Development Speaker: Chuck Walbourn Developing games for the Windows platform means more than just using a few DirectX APIs. This talk covers a broad range … Read more

and now for something completely different…

When I lived in New Orleans, back around 1995, I was driving through the French Quarter on my way to a Danzig concert at the State Palace Theatre. As usual, I was running late and driving a little too fast. I’m heading up Chartres Street towards Canal and this white utility van slams on its … Read more